"Harmony & Happiness will happen for you when you 1st begin to Love & Care for Yourself." ~ Khepra

....Here's A Story....

About a woman in an named place and time.  She loved the people in her life.  Her parents, her siblings, her husband, her children, her friends, her extended family and even her neighbors.  She cared for them all in the ways that they required that would make them smile and bring them happiness. But along this road of pleasing and caring for others she.forgot.herself.

If this sounds like you in any form, then my love, you are definitely in the right place!

My name is Khepra. Handcrafter & Shop Owner of Harmony Luxx.  I started this company in 2016 during a very rough time in my life when I realized that my cup was severely empty.  I had given away so much of myself that there was nothing left but for me to rethink my life and rediscover what was the most important thing in my life. For the first time in my life, although forced, I chose myself. I chose to find ways to care for myself, learn myself, learn what I needed and along the way discovered things I never thought possible, all while making connections to divine sources of power.  (That story is the extended version for another day.)

If you re here, it’s time to re-evaluate your self-care routine and your self-love quotient.  It’s time you begin to value and put your self on the top of your to do list and empower yourself to become the best version of you along the way.  So Welcome beloved to a space set to help you unlock a new way of being.  Now is the time to Breathe in Love, Revitalize the Body & Harmonize Your Soul!

Cheers to You !!

Everything We've Created is Made with Divine Love!


We set loving intentions into each candle, oil, spray, detox and body wash to help bring peaceful, inspiring and calming energy to your body, home or environment. Each experience with each product will have you feel like a piece of you is returning to yourself so you can feel whole again!

Luxx + Bliss Body Butter
Harmony Luxx
Goddis Crystal Badie Oil
Harmony Luxx
Enchanted Crystal Bath Detox
Harmony Luxx
Goddess Crystal Candle
Harmony Luxx
VibeUp Energy Clearing Kit
Harmony Luxx
Celestial Crystal Candle
Harmony Luxx



We know that inside every woman is something extremely magical and it is often forgotten.  Our desires to re-awaken this inner greatness is impressed into everything we make and offer.  Each product is carefully created and thought out to make sure that it will soothe every bit of her beauty and spark every infinite possibilities. Our unique products are here to help the women of today flourish and far exceed the limited beliefs of society by empowering her mind, her body and her soul in every way possible.

Candles that Wow!

Our crystal infused candles are hand poured & made of an all natural blend of coconut wax & beeswax with cotton wicks.  Each fragrance is unique & environmentally safe.

Jewelry to Spark Magnificence

Goddess empowered jewelry pieces activate energy in & around you as you wear them.  The pieces are either carefully crafted or precisely selected then charmed with energy.

Activate Your Greatness..

Our recorded affirmations & guided journeys we call Sol-Trekking are all original & finalized by being infused with reiki energy & a touch of NLP to enact subtle but powerful transformations.

More than just Relaxation

The Goddess bath & body products are all natural & handcrafted.  Each is further enhanced with divine goddess energy & a crystal (included) to amplify  your inner & outer healing.

Do You Want More Insight on Our Products?

Read more info and gain clarity with our Harmony Luxx Blog! A new blog post once a month that includes information "did ya know"s and tips to living a more aligned life. Check out the blog by clicking below:::


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I love the Oshun candle I burned it during a ritual to get my new home..And to make a long story short ..I'm typing this message in my brand new home that comes with a pool and fire place.. Ase!!Koshana
This goddess honey bar is simply amazing!!! Sister, you are truly a gift .... I am so pleased to have met you.Rai / Entrepreneur
I love the products on this site (and so does my husband)! The sage oils smell wonderful and bring great renewal to any space. The candles provide a peaceful spirit, as well. Every time I visit the site I try something different and I’m always pleased with my choices. Let me not forget the phenomenal beard that my husband loves.Nette / Retiree
It's a pleasure and always amazing when I use her service and products. I can't complain and in love with all my products I purchase. This beautiful goddess is amazing and talented. I am looking forward with working her and of course her amazing goddess products. Thank you my beauty !Diana / Entrepreneur
I recommend the Harmony Luxx intention candles and the Oshun soap bar to any and all. All of them have helped me tremendously and I will continue to work with her and her products as they continue to support me.Patriana / Author

I Love LOVE LOVE my Goddess Baddie Oil!! It's smells SO good and lasts a long time, too!! Andddd it comes with this cool little crystal stone for the roller ball as well?!?! How cool & creative is that?! Did I forget to mention the glitter!? OhHhHhHh the glitter!!! Makes me feel just so darn fabulous & sex c!!

Asherah / Entrepreneur

These Roll on and candle fragrances smell like heaven and new beginnings. They are so delightful and a great way to add to your day. With so many choices, there’s always that one you”ll love no matter what occasion. The aroma will fill any office or home will pure delight and peace. If you haven’t already ordered, what are you waiting for???!! Khephra is beyond her years and brings light, love and healing to anyone she meets. ??

April / Massage Therapist

I love to turn my melts on and de-stress. They are so subtle yet leave such a great aroma throughout the whole room. I felt like my melts were made specifically for my needs and I love that! Great product!

Alyssa / Assistant Manager

I have to say the Isis oil called me. For the last 6 months I have been practicing better health habits. Recently I had the opportunity to sample the various oils offered by this company. They all smelled nice however when I encountered this one fragrance (it had no label) my lungs were opened and I became aware of the healing from the yoga class I took the night before. Upon labeling I realized it was Isis (rejuvenation)! I don’t consider myself particularly metaphysical yet, the effect was real. Looking forward to continued use.

Holly / Realtor

First, I want to say these candles are beautifully crafted and prepared! The glitter had my feminine energy dancing with joy! Secondly, The SMELLS are AWESOME! (I should know I bought 6 scents) Thirdly….. I had company that came over and they complimented the energy that was in my home. They said they came in feeling down and depressed and left feeling energized, upbeat and content! That said people come to my house now for serenity and comfort. Thank you Goddess Harmony…. for healing people one candle at a time!

Marlena / VRBO

My daughter suffers from asthma and so I needed a way to cleanse and refreshen the energy in my home without burning sage and palo santo sticks. This spray duo does the trick very well, and it smells AMAZING! The salt is also great in adding an extra barrier to the home to repel negative energies. Needless to say, I am very happy with this purchase.

E. Rozzelle / The Digital Legal Diva

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