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You'll Never Find a Candle Like This!!

A candle is literally the perfect way to start or end a day. Wouldn’t You agree? Well of course you would because if you landed here with the candles you are a fellow candle~lover. 

Whether it’s used to relax a setting with some good mellow grooves or uplift a lazy day mood, these intention infused celestial quartz empowered candles will help top it off leaving you to feel refreshed!

The Celestial Crystal Candle Collection has a body-mind-soul trifecta.  They are charged with Angel Ray Reiki energy to bring a certain ease and tranquility to your home and life.  A few mention-able points of these candles:

Average Customer Rating:
  • High-performance wax blend that is VERY eco-friendly
  • 100% Cotton Wicked for smoother & lasting Burn time
  • Unique premium scents for every candle has been blended to ignite the senses 
  • Includes a specialized affirmation card to expand your personal experience and raise your vibration
  • An embedded crystal is found in every candle that amplifies the wax alongside the loving intentions & prayer to empower 
  • Each candle is topped off with mystical “dust” to further enhance the magic of  your candle experience

Shipping Weight:
Varies from 8-16 pounds but qualifies for $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping

Domestic Shipping:
Item can be shipped within U.S.

International Shipping:
This item is not eligible for international shipping. 

Glass Jar:
6 oz. |   Burns: 30+ hours

10 oz. |   Burns: 40+ hours

13.5 oz. |   Burns: 60+ hours

Travel Tin:

8 oz. |  Burns: 40+ hours

Every candle is filled with reiki energy to lighten up your environment.  But what is reiki?? Reiki is an ancient non-religious based technique stemmed out of divine love and compassion to assist the balancing of ones center/core and in some cases re-establishing ones connection to their innate greatness. 

The candles created in our shop are also set with pure intentions to aid our customers desires in their life and within their being. For instance if you are lacking a little love of self and desire to love yourself more, the self-love candle is filled with intentions that you acquire this new level of love just as you desired to have.

All these steps are done in sincere hopes that humanity becomes better and better and with each use of the candle this happens more and more until it is a full fledged reality. 

As a further step in the candles that make them unique, they are coupled with a angelic archetype energy that allows one to see that if they could begin to do said thing masterfully so can I.  As we see an example of something, we humanly realize the once thought impossible is possible and only then will begin to forge ahead in whatever personal strength/desire we longed to have. As I mentioned self love, your goddess affirmation card will explain what and how you can grow more in this  aspect and in using the affirmations concurrent to the info you will begin your journey to loving everything you are and were meant to become.

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These candle fragrances smell like heaven and new beginnings. They are so delightful and a great way to add to your day. With so many choices, there’s always that one you”ll love no matter what occasion (I have experienced at least 10). The aroma will fill any office or home will pure delight and peace. If you haven’t already ordered, what are you waiting for???!
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First, I want to say these candles are beautifully crafted and prepared! The glitter had my feminine energy dancing with joy! Secondly, The SMELLS are AWESOME! (I should know I bought 6 scents) Thirdly….. I had company that came over and they complimented the energy that was in my home. They said they came in feeling down and depressed and left feeling energized, upbeat and content! That said people come to my house now for serenity and comfort. Thank you Goddess Harmony…. for healing people one candle at a time!

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