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Get ready to Breathe.Revive.Harmonize. Your Mind Body & Soul

After a severely stressful and tiresome day or week, there is nothing more soothing than a nice bath or shower to cleanse the energy of the day away. 

This amazing blend of bath salts is #everything but ordinary! What makes them so special is the magical processes used to prepare them and the loving intention set into each product blend that give you the true feeling of relaxation, an added sense of strength & energy regained.

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  • A devinely mixed of various salts, oils, butters and bath milk (flowers omitted to prevent drain clogging but may be added upon request in purchase notes)

  • A downloadable affirmation card to empower you that also guides you to connect with the Goddess power associated 

  • A Beautiful energy charged reiki crystal to amplify experience

  • Included Wooden scoop to evenly disperse mixture into bath

  •  100% Handmade and Custom Created upon ordering

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10 oz – Qualifies for $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping

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Item can be shipped within U.S.

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This item is not eligible for international shipping

Every bath detox blend is filled with reiki energy to lighten up your vibration.  But what is reiki?? Reiki is an ancient non-religious based technique stemmed out of divine love and compassion to assist the balancing of ones center/core and in some cases re-establishing ones connection to their innate greatness. 

All products created in our shop are also set with pure intentions to aid our customers desires in their life and within their being. For instance if you are lacking a little love of self or desire to love yourself more, the self-love detox is filled with intentions that you acquire this new level of love just as you desired to have.

All these steps are done in sincere hopes that humanity becomes better and better and with each use.  

As a further step in all the products that makes them unique, they are coupled with a goddess archetype energy that allows one to see that “if they could begin to do said thing masterfully so can I”.

 As we see an example of something, we humanly realize that the once thought impossible is indeed possible and only then will we begin to forge ahead in whatever personal strength/desire we longed to have. As I mentioned self love, your goddess affirmation card will explain what and how you can grow more in this  aspect and in using the affirmations concurrent to the info you will begin your journey to loving everything you are and were meant to become. To Find out which goddess product is for you, click here.


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I felt like I bathed in gold stacks of bricks with flowers. When I got out, my husband wouldn't stop complimenting my beauty. I danced to my favorite songs & cleaned house. I feel so much energy and sooo amazing!!

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