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Yasssss Beautiful!! Scream it out. Strut it Out!!

You know those times when you pull out that perfect outfit to wear out, along with the most stunning shoes that you’ve been dying to rock….. and you place those final touches on your makeup and hair…. Then You step back to look in the mirror and stare back at the pretty Hot thang better known as Y-O-U in utter amazement at how radiant you look.  Quite naturally satisfied with your Beauty, You reveal the most satisfying smile because you know that NOBODY can tell you NOTHING now!!

The effects of the Godis fashion lineup is does something like this to you.  Every time you wear your shirt, tank, hoodie etc you are reminded of how badass you are.  You are reminded about the amazing things you come from and the ones you  are here to do.  

You are a Godis and should wear the name proudly and boldly.  So grab your Tee and get ready to strut into your greatness!!

  • smooth soft shirts made by Bella + Canva that offers the highest cotton blend quality and durability
  • as a customized T-shirt you select your birth year to announce just when you established you power
  • direct to print garments that help reduce the chances of fading or flaking of your shirt
  • vibrant gold ink to add an extra amount of pizzaz to your attire

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You were made in the image of something magnificent and great.  Your likeness to this greatness does not stop at your breathtaking face but lives within you.  As a Godis you are capable of dynamic things.  You are walking pillar of #magic !!  

Sometimes we forget this and live feeling defeated or downtrodden and sometimes this depresses us as well.  But the more you remember yourself and your origins the more you will begin to exhibit all that you truly are.

The purpose of our attire to to empower you, uplift you, motivate you, and enlighten you.  May you bravely and courageously allow yourself to be every bit of your naturally magical self with or without your Godis Apparel.  Cheers to you Godis!!


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This comfy cozy shirt makes me feel like a She-ro. I feel limitless and unstoppable and literally wear it as much as possible. It's just that good !

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