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Our One-of-a-Kind Store Prides Itself on Products that Really Makes a Difference in Your Life.  We Believe That Your Body, Mind & Soul Needs the Devine Treatment in Order for You to Feel Fully Restored!  Every Item is Handcrafted and Backed by a Dash of Magic & a Heavy Dose of Love.  Discover Why People Come Back to Our Products Time & Time Again with Raving Reviews & Constantly Refer Friends, Family & Associates to Try  Harmony Luxx!! You Deserve Luxury Tranquility.   It’s Time for You to Breathe in Serenity & Breathe Out Stress.  It’s Time to Revitalize Your Body & Harmonize the Soul!

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Some of Our Top Selling Products are listed below to take the guessing out of where to begin.  Feel Free to Contact us with ANY of your questions or concerns.

Goddess Crystal Candles

Everything Within This Shop is Handmade with all Natural ingredients. All Our Scents are Unique and Further Ignited with Reiki To Amplify Your Energy.

"My daughter suffers from asthma and so I needed a way to cleanse and re-freshen the energy in my home without burning sage and palo santo sticks. The VibeUp spray duo does the trick VERY well and it smells AMAZING! Needless to say,
I am very happy with this purchase."


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do & It Shows!

Our desires is make and offer products that make a difference. Our unique products are here to help the women of today flourish and far exceed the limited beliefs of society by empowering her mind, her body and her soul in every way possible.

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A T-shirt Like None Other...

Make a loud statement. Stand empowered in being the greatness you are.  This shirt is for any woman who knows she is a powerful force. A woman who knows there is more to her existence. A woman who knows she is a living breathing example of the great I am …. she knows that God Is a Goddess and is ready to announce her amazing knowingness of self. 

Our Most recent customer

I love the Oshun candle. I wanted to manifest my blessings so I burned it during a ritual to get my new home... And to make a long story short ..I am typing this very message in my brand new home that comes with a pool and fire place. And I couldn't be any happier...... Ase!
Wealth Coach
These Roll-on and candle fragrances smell like heaven and new beginnings. They are a great way to add to my day. With so many choices, there’s always a problem picking a fav. I love how the aromas fill my office and home with pure delight and peace.
Massage Therapist
It's always a pleasure when I use her service and products.... I am in love with all my products I purchase. This beautiful goddess is amazing and talented. I can't wait until our next appointment and am looking forward to more amazing goddess products.
Business Owner
I love to turn my melts on and de-stress. They are so subtle yet leave such a great aroma throughout the whole room. I felt like my melts were made specifically for my needs and I love that! Great product!
Assistant Manager
First, I want to say these candles are beautifully crafted and prepared! The glitter had my feminine energy dancing with joy! Secondly, The SMELLS are AWESOME! (I should know I bought 6 scents) Thirdly….. I had company that came over and they complimented the energy that was in my home. They said they came in feeling down and depressed and left feeling energized, upbeat and content! That said people come to my house now for serenity and comfort. Thank you Goddess Harmony…. for healing people one candle at a time!
.I Love LOVE L💖VE my Goddess Baddie Oil!! It's smells SO good and lasts a long time, too!! Andddd it comes with this cool crystal stone for the roller ball as well...How cool & creative is that!!! Did I forget to mention the glitter!? OhHhHhHh the glitter!!! Makes me feel just so darn fabulous & sex c!!
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