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Your Skin will Thank you ...Now & Later!!

The Harmony Luxx Majestik Milk Bath is #supreme. We created a perfect, special blend of moisturizing milks and oils.  This ancient pampering technique goes back far past Queen Cleopatra but is world renown by and through her loving use of this skin rejuvenating therapy she often spoke of in history books. 

Milk baths are known to nourish the skin and help shed dead skin cells to reveal luminous radiant skin. This legendary milk blend is also known to assist the following:

  • a soothing blend of milks, oils and butters to give you an amazing silky rejuvenation 
  • not your ordinary recipe as we have concocted this blend from a few of the oldest unknown recipes
  • aids your skin in regenerating cells and acts as and exfoliant and anti-aging solution all in one

Shipping Weight:
6 oz. Qualifies for $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping

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Item can be shipped within U.S.

International Shipping:
This item is not YET eligible for international shipping

You were made in the image of something magnificent and great.  Your likeness to this greatness does not stop at your breathtaking face but lives within you.  As a Godis you are capable of dynamic things.  You are walking pillar of #magic !!  

Sometimes we forget this and live feeling defeated or downtrodden and sometimes this depresses us as well.  But the more you take the greatest care of yourself and your revive your mind and soul, the more you will begin to exhibit all that you truly are.

The purpose of our rare bath milk is to encourage you to help your body heal and also promote sacred care.   May you bravely and courageously allow yourself to be every bit of your naturally magical self.  Cheers to you Godis!!


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Erin R.
Erin R.
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This butter is REALLY amazing and goes a really long way. I am equally impressed with how good my skin feels!

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