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An Ancient Luxurious beauty recipe

This sacred blend not only gently slathers away old energy but renews & hydrates skin cells. This silky blend of natural sugars, butters, herbs & oils is extraordinary!  

Warning…….when you experience this ancient recipe, you may feel a bit more illustrious and more exotic than normal. Each batch crated is blessed and prayed over to bring about your highest energy vibration but also help you to ground yourself more. Your skin will begin to have a more natural & youthful shimmer from all the real ingredients lovingly poured into this body beauty masterpiece.

Average Customer Rating:
  • A devine blend of various sugars, oils, butters and herbs (flowers omitted to prevent drain clogging but may be added upon request in purchase notes)

  • A Beautiful energy charged reiki crystal to amplify experience

  • Included Wooden scoop to evenly disperse mixture into bath

  •  100% Handmade and Custom Created upon ordering

Shipping Weight:
10 oz – Qualifies for $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping

Domestic Shipping:
Item can be shipped within U.S.

International Shipping:
This item is not eligible for international shipping

Every bath detox blend is filled with reiki energy to lighten up your vibration.  But what is reiki?? Reiki is an ancient non-religious based technique stemmed out of divine love and compassion to assist the balancing of ones center/core and in some cases re-establishing ones connection to their innate greatness. 

All products created in our shop are also set with pure intentions to aid our customers desires in their life and within their being.  All these steps are done in sincere hopes that humanity becomes better and better and with each use. 

  • Timeless for a more youthful skin glow
  • Pharaoh for men to bring out their royal masculine self
  • Lotus for a sense of euphoria by reducing anxiety & stress 
  • Luxxor to remember the feeling of living a grandeur luxx life
  • Egyptia an ode to the lands of sand and wisdom
  • Longevity to rejuvenate your energy

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I felt like I bathed in gold stacks of bricks with flowers. When I got out, my husband wouldn't stop complimenting my beauty. I danced to my favorite songs & cleaned house. I feel so much energy and sooo amazing!!

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