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The Goddess (Creatress) is not a new concept.  It is actually very ancient based out of many ancient under and inner standings far before anything could have been written or conveyed.  SHE is the counterpart and partner of the HE that created our many levels of being.  The many ancient text tells us of this “As it is above so it is below” and this ancient understanding and people knew more than we do now (i.e. using technology and making ways out of nothing with no modern technology we have now).

Our western society has trained us to only see that one side of all things.  We are taught to see  one way is right, one God (Creator), one universe, one planet with life etc etc but nothing in this life acts alone or singularly.  In fact, there are so many unknown truths of this universe and of our existence that we have not even touched the actual surface  of the enormous picture before us.

There are many cultures that honor the Goddess and her many forms to this day.  She is revered for her many sides and infinite abilities.  She molded woman in her likeness.  Like Her we are many personalities and have many skills and capabilities.  But the base of us is loving, nurturing, and genuinely wants to see the next person do and be better and have an amazing life experience.

These products are meant to awakening this knowing that lives within you.  Your likeness comes with immense power to do so much and all you must do is overcome your life hang ups and allow your natural magic to flow within you.  Each use of product will connect you to one of her archetypes that embodied her in history and in myth so that you can have an example to live by as well as the confidence to tap into that strength or call it into yourself.  Read a bit about each below and try a product to connect further with this devine feminine energy.  Your GREATEST version of self awaits.

Each scent is associated to a devine feminine quality and archetypal energy.
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Goddess Ostara

Ostara is the Goddess also known as Easter and brings about renewal.  But she more importantly helps us women embrace our femininity.

Are you feeling out of sync with your feminine nature? Desiring to feel reborn?

Goddess Gaia

Gaia, mother of the earth, helps to ground us, support us and keeps us connected to our physical earth existence.

Are you feeling less and less solid in your journey?  Do you desire support?

Goddess Oya

Oya is the Goddess of change and transition.  She helps us to welcome these eras in our life where change is necessary instead of fearing them.

Are you seeking for change to take place in your life?  Are you ready for new?

Goddess Yemonja

Yemonja is the ocean Goddess that teaches us how to be more fluid like the ocean.  She shows us the benefit to being more in tuned into life’s ebb & flow?

Are you feeling like you are losing control of your life?  Are you ready for a new way?

Goddess Oshun

Goddess Oshun teaches us how to love ourselves more genuinely.  She shows us how to appreciate our lives and value who we are.

Are you finding it hard to love yourself ? Do you appreciate who you are? 

Goddess Tara

Tara also known as the Green Tara, is a Goddess who helps us reconnect to our inner peace and serenity. 

Are you seeking more peace inside yourself?  Do you desire serenity?

Goddess Aphrodite

The Goddess of adoration helps us to have a high regard for ourselves.  Aphrodite teaches that loving yourself is one part to the formula of self-healing.

Are you seeking to gain more value within and of yourself?  

Goddess Saraswati

The energy of creativity & inner wisdom comes through with the Goddess Saraswati. She also helps us to tap into our natural gifts and abilities that we have overlooked through the years.

Are you ready to tap into your natural creativity?  Are you ready to live more?

Goddess Kali

Kali is the Goddess of Liberation.  She helps us to release the things or energies that keep us held back from our destinies.

Are you finding it hard to let go of what holds you back? Do you live with fear?

Goddess Lakshmi

The Goddess Lakshmi is a  known for helping us understand that we can grow and have our needs met when we realize we can naturally tap into prosperity. 

Are you desiring more prosperity?  Do you need to tap more into your innate power?

Goddess Sophia

Illumination and awareness is taught to us by Goddess Sophia.  She shines the light on truth in all of the many forms that they come in and helps us to learn from them.

Are you seeking truth? Are you looking to unlock your infinite universal awareness?

Goddess Xochiquetzal

Goddess  Xochiquetzal (zo-chii-ket-zal) reminds us that we are not defined by any person or situation other than ourselves. She helps us to discover who we are.

Are you tired of living by others definition?  Do you want to discover what drives you?

Goddess Whope

The purifying Goddess Whope helps us feel more like who we truly are or at least become more of it.  She is also the patron of dreams, ones we manifest and one we experience with messages for our lives.

Are you desiring to feel more like your pure self?  Would you like to feel whole?

Goddess Nemetona

Goddess Nemetona, the goddess of sacred spaces, is here to teach us that we ARE SACRED.  This is something many of us in humanity have forgotten to uphold.  She teaches also how to create a sacred space where you can grow.

Do you need to remember how sacred you are?  Do you have a sacred space?

Goddess Isis

Isis is very well known for her many ways and her knowledge.  Her most favorite lesson she is here to teach us us the power of rejuvenation and healing.  

Are you in need of healing?  Are you ready to feel your own magic flow?

Goddess Kuan Yin

As the Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin teaches us to remember to include ourselves when we show unending compassion.  This is something many women fail to  do on a constant. 

Do you need to find more compassion for yourself and for others around you?

Goddess Shakti

You are devine.  Yes Devine with an E.  Shakti reminds us that we are devine Energy and we are far more than our flesh.  She helps you tap into this knowing of self.

Are you ready to embrace your devine self?  Are you ready to discover You?

Goddess Hathor

Joy is a wonderful feeling.  Hathor the patron of natural joy teaches us to find our own joy and create it whenever we can.  She also reveals how healing joy can be.

Are you desiring more joy?  Do you need to tap more into happiness?

Goddess Durga

At times life may feel like we are catching havoc and it is true that at times we are.  Goddess Durga teaches us how to tap into protection and helps us when we cannot help ourselves in this process.

Are you seeking protection? Are you looking to have more courage in life?

Goddess Athena

Goddess Athena teaches us how to remain in the energy and spirit of determination even when life gets rough.  She helps us recall our power to be victorious in all things in our life.

Are you needing an extra dose of determination?  Do you seek victory?

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